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Welcome to our studio!!

Thank you SO much for landing on our BRAND NEW blog page!

It has been a WHIRLWIND of activity since opening in September 2022!

We have been super grateful for your support and have been thrilled to see so many lovely new faces coming through our doors. Truly, THANK YOU!

As we have settled into our new space, we have been working hard to create a warm and welcoming environment for you... our absolute PRIORITY is that you can leave your stress behind you and focus on YOURSELF!

We have been offering a variety of yoga classes designed for ALL levels, yes... you read that right - even if you are a complete newbie!! Maybe you haven't got on the mat for YEARS, or if you are a seasoned practitioner.. don't worry - we have got you covered!! You can view our current yoga offerings here.

We have attended health fairs and held workshops, as well as welcoming Acupuncture sessions along with our massage services. We have constantly been striving to improve these offerings and ensure that YOU have the best experience possible!

It's been busy, but we have LOVED every minute of it and are so very excited to continue to serve wellness to our community...

On that note, we hope to use this platform to share all our latest updates with you, keep you informed about our offers and hopefully provide some helpful information, tips, and tricks, and get YOU involved in having your say!

Any burning questions or information you would like to see? Leave us a comment below.

Written by Sophie Burton

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