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Attention Valued Customers:

Credit card companies charge upwards of 3% per transaction. Please help our small business save on costs by paying with debit, e-transfer, or cash.

Effective May 1st, 2024 there will be a 1.5% charge added to in-person credit card transactions and a 2.85% to credit cards processed online through JaneApp.

Massage Offerings

In the realm of wellness and relaxation, massage therapy stands as a multifaceted practice catering to various needs. Two prominent branches within this domain are spa massage and therapeutic massage. While both share the common goal of promoting well-being, they diverge in their primary objectives and techniques. Understanding the distinctions between these modalities is essential for individuals seeking the most suitable approach to meet their specific needs.

Mainly, Spa massage is NOT covered by insurance benefits and Therapeutic massage can be.

Spa Massage

Please note: Spa massage and is not covered by insurance

One Hour Abhyanga Massage - $130 including GST

This nourishing treatment is a rejuvenating full-body massage using warm oil. This technique promotes relaxation, enhances well-being, and balances the body's energy centers. Benefits may include; improved circulation, softer-healthier skin, detoxifying of the soft tissues, enhancing lymph drainage, improving circulation, promotes healthy sleep, and so much more!


Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage - $125 including GST

Flowing Swedish-style massage eases tension, aches, and stress, calming the mind and increasing vitality and flexibility in the body. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed!

Deep Tissue Massage - $125 including GST

This treatment is more specific to target problem areas with the use of trigger points and firm pressure to help release tension.

Therapeutic Massage

We offer registered massage therapy to address a wide range of soft tissue conditions, and to promote

relaxation and wellness.

60 minute
Registered Massage Session

This session is for initial or existing R.M.T patients. Please note assessment and interview are part of your session.

$140.00 (includes GST)
A credit card is required to book an appointment. Please read our late cancellation and no-show policy. 
Direct billing is available for RMT services to the following insurers:
*Pacific Blue Cross  * Industrial Alliance * Canada Life 
* Dejardins * Manion * Manulife  * TELUSAdjudicare  *
* Johnston Group* CINUP * First Canadian *
  *Chambers Insurance Group Plan *
 Sunlife * Green Shield

We DO NOT accept ICBC or WCB claims
Or call 250-208-0515
to book an appointment.

 Accepted methods of payment: Interac Debit, Credit card, and cash.


Starting MAY 1st 2024 there will be a $1.50 processing fee on all credit card transactions. 

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