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Spa Massage

Discover bliss with our diverse massage treatments! Prioritize self-care and depart with a profound sense of peace and renewal.

*Please note that insurance does not cover spa massage services*

Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage - $125 including GST

Flowing Swedish-style massage eases tension, aches, and stress, calming the mind and increasing vitality and flexibility in the body. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed!

Deep Tissue Massage - $125 including GST

This treatment is more specific to target problem areas with the use of trigger points and firm pressure to help release tension.

Clara Buttemer, Spa therapist and R.Ac.

Following the completion of her training in Zenthai Shiatsu massage, Clara gained valuable experience in the spa industry for several years while concurrently studying Acupuncture. Her professional journey included roles at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and Solace Organic Spa on Saltspring Island. During this time, she honed and refined her Swedish-style table massage techniques. Now, Clara is delighted to extend these services at Tula, complementing her Acupuncture practice. Additionally, you have the option to schedule a Chinese-style massage (Acupressure & Tuina) with her, or learn more about her background on the Acupuncture page, HERE.

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga massage is a traditional Ayurvedic healing practice that involves a full-body oil massage performed with warm oils. This therapeutic massage technique is deeply rooted in ancient Indian medicine and is known for its holistic and rejuvenating effects.

One Hour Abhyanga Massage - $130 including GST

This nourishing treatment is a rejuvenating full-body massage using warm oil. This technique promotes relaxation, enhances well-being, and balances the body's energy centers. Benefits may include; improved circulation, softer-healthier skin, detoxifying of the soft tissues, enhancing lymph drainage, improving circulation, promotes healthy sleep, and so much more!


Amie Thomas

Amie Thomas is a RYT 200hr yoga teacher, sound healer, mother, interior designer & perpetual learner. Since returning to Victoria, she has deepened her healing journey through training in Yoga, Ayurvedic Bodywork and Herbalism. 

She is a healer who guides people to tune their bodies through a somatic approach empowering them to listen to the subtleties their energetic body, so they can live more aligned with their personal truths, in a vibration of embodied resonance. 

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