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Yoga FAQs

What is yoga?

The simplest description is, Yoga is the union of breath and movement.  A regular yoga practice builds strength, flexibility and breathing to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. It originated in India thousands of years ago, and has continually evolved towards the form that is popular throughout the world today.


I am not flexible - can I do yoga?

Yes! Come as you are, a regular yoga practice helps you to become more flexible.  Even people from sturdy couch potato stock benefit from practicing yoga.

I am not fit - can I do yoga?

Absolutely, there are not assumptions in our classes. Throughout the year we will offer beginner workshops and beginner series, but you don't have to wait.  Our instructors will guide the class in modifications appropriate to all levels. 

What should I bring to class?

Yourself, a mat and maybe a small bottle of water.

Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes. If you have a yoga a mat, please bring it with you, if you do not have one you can rent one or purchase one from our front desk. Yoga mat rentals are $3.50 (including GST).

What should I wear?

Some people like to wear loose fitting bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt. Others like to wear stretchy leggings with tops. Whatever you choose it is important you feel comfortable moving about in your clothes. We also recommend socks and maybe a fleece, you may get cold during Savasana.

Should I eat before a class?

It is best to eat at least two hours before class, many poses involve twisting, bending and inverting and it may be distressful on a full stomach. If you must eat something, have a small snack.

What can I do if I am tired and cannot keep up?

Everyone has challenging days, the most important part of yoga is the breath. At any time during your practice you can adopt the pose that feels best for you at the time; i.e., child's pose, savasana or puppy pose, and keep breathing. There is no rule that says you have to leave everything on the mat, practice self-compassion. 

What type of yoga do you teach?

Our class offerings include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Tula’s intention is to utilize yoga as a practice to help others connect breath with movement to create a healthier body and mind.


Yoga was developed as an ancient spiritual system, stemming from Eastern Asia 5,000 years ago. It was introduced to the West in the early part of the 20th century and has evolved as it has spread around the world. We respectfully acknowledge yoga’s beginnings in Asian cultures, admire the beautiful spiritual tradition of yoga and share a token of this philosophy in our classes. Our studio’s focus is on practicing asanas (movement practices/poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation, which does not fully encompass all 8-limbs of the spiritual system.

How is yoga different from stretching, or other kinds of fitness?

Yoga connects the rhythm of the breath with the movement of the body, this helps to calm and focus the mind, bringing your focus inward. This union of breath and movement opens the door to improved mind/body connection, awareness and flexibility.

Why do the Passes expire?

We intend to be transparent and help make informed decisions. Expiration dates are critical for ensuring the stability and smooth functioning of our operations. They play a vital role in our business and are particularly associated with the liability that comes with deferred revenue.

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