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Yoga Studio

Tula is an intimate space designed for small groups; we intend to guide your path to create a stable body, improve mobility and nourish your mind through yoga and sound healing.


Restorative Yoga
Yoga Studio

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Photo by Amie

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*Please bring your practice mat*

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Cancellation Policy:
You have until two hours before the start of class to cancel. Any late cancellations or no-shows will result in a deduction from your class pass or a fee of $20. Please note that phone messages, texts or emails do not count. All students have access to their accounts online and are responsible for cancelling themselves

Studio Etiquette

  • All spots in classes are open for reservation 6 days beforehand.

  • If a class is full, you can add your name to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available you will be notified via text message.

  • You can cancel your reservation any time two hours before the start of class. Any late cancellations or no-shows will result in a deduction from your class pass.

  • Three late cancellations or no-shows will result in the removal of online reservation permissions for one month.

  • Classes start on time, please arrive a few minutes early and set up your space.

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the yoga room and keep everyone safe by placing your shoes in the shoe cabinet found by the door.

  • No cell phones in the yoga room, this is so your can fully disconnect and others won't be disturbed. Please be considerate and turn off your phone.

  • Avoid wearing scented products or perfumes. 

  • Maintain silence in the yoga room. The time before class is an opportunity to focus inward and connect with oneself. 

  • Sanitize any borrowed props with the disinfectant spray we provide and put everything back in its place.

  • Please exit the studio promptly after class without congregating inside the studio. This space also hosts a massage studio and group chatter can be very disruptive

  • We reserve the right to refuse service and won't tolerate abuse


1 month
Unlimited Yoga 
$75 +GST

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