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A handy guide to managing your Yoga account online

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Mindbody; our system to manage your Yoga account is sometimes raising a few questions!

It's OK... we have listened and wanted to create a SUPER helpful set of guides you can refer to if you get stuck, need a refresher or simply aren't a whizz with technology!

View our 'HOW TO' guides below:

HOW TO: Register for an account as a new customer

You have walked by our studio or picked up our leaflet and would LOVE to register and book onto some wonderful yoga classes - BUT you just don't know where to start?!

Creating an account allows you to manage your schedule, book and cancel classes and have complete autonomy!

HOWEVER, we know this isn't easy for everyone. SO... we have created the below guide to give you a helping hand if you feel you need it!

FIRSTLY, head to our website and click 'YOGA'

Now, if you scroll down the page... you will see a registration form you just need to complete and submit!

You will then see the below message - at this point, check your emails!

You should receive the below email (if it is not there, ALWAYS check your junk folder)

When you try to login to your account via the website you may be presented with the below screen, click 'Create Your Account'

You will then need to confirm your account details!

And set a password!

You will have the option to add a family member to your account or to skip this

Now just click 'Create Account'!

You will just need to verify your email address...

To do this you simply CLICK the 'Verify Email Address' link in the email you receive and...

...You will now see the message below!

You can now login to your account and get going! YAY!


HOW TO: Login to your account via our website

HOW TO: Manage your account information

HOW TO: Register for classes & make a purchase

HOW TO: Add a family member to your account

HOW TO: Purchase a class pass when you have an active pricing option

HOW TO: Pay a commuter rate for class when you have an active pricing option already?!

HOW TO: Download and manage your account via our app on your Apple device

Researched, written and composed by Sophie Burton

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